Our philosophy is that the permanent peak performance our patients seek is best achieved when functional exercise becomes a part of life. 


We provide our patients with the techniques, tools, and facilities to make this a reality.

Ashland, KY

Phone: (606) 326-1844

Ironton, OH

Phone: (740) 534-1156

Louisa, KY

Phone: (606) 638-7848

New Boston, OH

Phone: (740) 456-6666

Portsmouth, OH

Phone: (740) 529-7760

Westmoreland, WV

Phone: (304) 429-7381

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Physical Therapy Experts

The following is a list of services we commonly provide. 

(This is not an all-inclusive list)

  • Aquatic Programs

  • Lumbar Stabilization

  • Rotation Cuff Program

  • Trigger Point Releases

  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Stretching Exercise

  • Strengthening Exercise

  • Return To Work Program

  • Work Conditioning

  • Work Hardening

  • Job Site Analysis

  • Ergonomic Assessment

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

  • Ultrasound

  • Traction (Manual & Mechanical)

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Infrared Light Therapy

  • Physical Agents (Ice & Heat)

  • Gait Training

  • Fall Prevention

  • Balance Exercises

  • Peripheral Neuropathy Program

  • Issue Home TENS (Transcutaneous
    Electrical Nerve Stimulation) Units

  • Athlete Training (High Intensity)

  • Coach Seminars

  • Pediatric Rehabilitation

  • Sports Injury Program

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We are located in Ashland, Ironton, Louisa, New Boston, Portsmouth, and Westmoreland.